Friday, September 10, 2010

Light Chamber Installation

September 10, 2010-

Following three years of planning the final installation of Dennis Oppenheim's commission for the Denver Justice Center is underway by La Paloma Fine Arts, Inc., under the supervision of the artist. Dates for the formal dedication will be announced by the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs next week.

The sculpture, a commission for the Denver Justice Center, is one of five public art commissions at the Denver Justice Center Campus. Installation at the southwest intersection of Colfax and Elati, near the State Capital Building and the Denver Art Museum, has been ongoing since the week of August 16th.

The title "Light Chamber," comes from two sources: the judge's chambers, and light which is a metaphor for enlightenment. Oppenheim was inspired by the people who work in the courts and his concept was to create a sculpture to serve as a chamber or sanctuary for individual reflection on the plaza.

Transparent floral petal forms on an architectural scale will create an enclosure that fits the grand vision of a Justice Center while also evoking humanistic qualities. It will be a like a "quiet room" to be entered and experienced and to provoke contemplation and inspiration.

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  1. There's always such a great gamble with the use of different materials which gives his work tension. He is totally irreverent in that he bravely goes into battle with the Artwork and comes out victorious. I am always so happy to see this trait still flourishing.

  2. The beautiful description makes me want to hover above it for an aerial view.

  3. It looks like gigantic steel butterfly emerging from urban landscape - metaphor, beauty and power
    Emilia and Zbigniew Fitz